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How Social Purpose Organisations Can Accelerate Corporate Purpose and Culture

Day 2 : 15:00 – 15:50

Our society is facing challenges that are increasingly complex and require cross-sector involvement in devising innovative solutions. How might corporates contribute to this evolution by cultivating a socially conscious culture from within, and what if Social Purpose Organisations and nonprofits could take the lead in facilitating this?


  • What challenges do corporates face in internal culture transformation and activating staff participation for social impact, apart from volunteering initiatives?
  • What have nonprofits in Hong Kong done in corporate engagement and have NGOs that have worked with corporates extensively to share their experiences?

Post-event Actions

  • Rethinking internal staff engagement strategy for corporates: how to get staff be socially informed and make innovation as part of the corporate culture
  • Reimagine partnerships between corporates and nonprofits: can corporates look to NGOs for social engagement solutions? How can both parties, with very different governance structures, collaborate with each other and develop social innovations together?


Fion Leung

Co-founder & CEO

Fion Leung is the Co-founder of Time Auction, a charity that promotes volunteerism.
Time Auction was started as a side project in 2014 and registered as a charity in 2017. Since then, Fion has dedicated herself full-time to leveraging technology to drive scalable impact.

At Time Auction, volunteering goes beyond traditional norms. Volunteers are encouraged with empowering experiences, from cooking with Michelin-starred chefs to creative workshops. In 2020, Fion launched a platform that efficiently connects skilled volunteers with nonprofits that can benefit from their talents.

To date, the Time Auction community has contributed over 190,000 volunteer hours.
Fion’s work was recognized on the Tatler Hong Kong’s Generation T List 2019, as a GLG Social Impact Fellow in 2021, and as an Asia 21 2022 Class of Young Leaders. Previously, Fion worked as a Product Evangelist at Notey, and a Graduate Analyst at Barclays. She graduated from HKUST with a degree in Business Administration.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

My sustainability goals for Hong Kong are for more people to adopt daily habits for sustainable living, and for more companies and organizations to integrate sustainability and impact into their culture.

Fred Cheng

General Manager

Fred Cheng is General Manager of AIRLAND, leading the brand revitalization through a series of campaigns, with highlighted in curating the flagship in Airland Galleria. Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, Airland Galleria is the focal point of the brand, as well as a multi-functional space supporting local individuals and organizations who look for physical exposure for their dreams.

Founded in 1966, AIRLAND has been the pioneer to introduce spring mattresses in Hong Kong. Over the years, AIRLAND has been focusing on the production of high-quality mattresses and other bedding products. With the belief of “Quality First”, AIRLAND has been moving forward all the way and has been affirmed by governments and several authoritative organizations. As early as 1982, AIRLAND was the first company in the industry to awarded the Q-MARK Certificate, and this continues for more than 40 years as the beloved sleeping companion for countless families in Hong Kong.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Bringing more sustainable practices to my company and people around myself, at a minimal level that could easily be accepted.

Andes Leung


Dr. Andes Leung, Co-founder and CEO of “RunOurCity”, a social enterprise aims to transform life through the promotion of street-running. The signature projects include “Youth.ROC”, “Youth.ONE”, Running for SEN Students and BEE Family Coach which have trained over 13,000 youngsters. He has organized 40 large scale running events with over 140,000 runners in various districts including road-running races, “HONG KONG STREETATHON” – the second largest race in Hong Kong, will have it’s first FULL marathon distance category in the city center around Victoria Harbour. He is an Ultra-marathoner and finisher of over 100 races including Round Taiwan 1,045km, Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 170 km, and 4 Desert Race Series in Antarctica, Gobi, Sahara and Atacama. He published 2 books named “12 marathons in 7 continents” and “12 marathons to happiness” to share his running experience around the world. He is a columnist in am730 and Recruit Magazine.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Hong Kong becomes a healthy, inclusive and positive (HIP) city.

Alasdair Pocock


Alasdair is the Co-founder of Socially Responsible Limited, a Social Enterprise building charity engagement software for individuals and corporations. Alasdair began building Socially Responsible in 2022 to address the challenges faced by charities, individuals, and companies in navigating Hong Kong’s philanthropic landscape.

Socially Responsible is launching a no-fee smartphone application for donation facilitation featuring locally focused, high-impact charities in Hong Kong.

Alasdair has spent the past 5 years working in the Lithium-ion battery industry with a particular focus on the electric vehicle and energy storage markets. He established Socially Responsible Limited as a side project to drive a different kind of impact, one with a distinct focus on supporting vulnerable communities in overcoming increasing pressures driven by Climate Change and growing global inequality. Alasdair holds an MA from the University of Aberdeen and an MSc from the University of Hong Kong.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

In 2023 and 2024, Hong Kong must focus on harnessing the city’s technological innovation capacities to tackle the territory’s most pressing socio-economic challenges, from ecosystem degradation to the everyday challenges faced by our most vulnerable groups. Hong Kong must move to implement solutions prioritising social and environmental progress for all stakeholders, not just profits for shareholders.

Gene Soo

Head of Ecosystem – Global Innovation

Gene Soo is the Head of Ecosystem of Global Innovation Department at MTR. Having led the creation of Hong Kong’s startup ecosystem by cofounding StartupsHK, Gene is now tasked with building new businesses and enhancing the core MTR business with technology, partnerships, and new business models. Prior to his role at MTR, Gene led the launch of Citymapper, a transport app, into Hong Kong in 2015 as General Manager. Prior to Citymapper, Gene has been involved in building fashion, lifestyle and mobile gaming startups.

Gene has been pushing for more focus on user experience, sustainability and open data practice in Hong Kong and believes strongly in improving daily lives through better design and technology.

Gene received his BS and MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University as well as MBA from Columbia University.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

For 2022, I would hope to see the city to push for better use of design, technology and innovation such that green and sustainable habits would become second nature to people in Hong Kong.

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