Sustainable Buildings & Facilities Theatre

Tech Talks: Sustainable Operations

Day 2 : 11:35 – 12:05


Hugo Blanchet

Regional Marketing Manager

Hugo is leading Clestra’s marketing activities in Asia, keeping abreast with the construction and real estate industry’s deep transformations. Working with teams across the region, he works to ensure the company fully embraces these major shifts and stays relevant. Clestra is committed to driving the mass adoption of Modular Construction methods to address sustainability issues in the sector.

Prior to Hong Kong, Hugo worked in various industries across South-East Asia and France and holds a major in International Business Studies.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I am glad to see Hong Kong’s strong commitment to reaching net zero. On my side, I will continue to push for large adoption of cleaner, more efficient, and future-proof building solutions.

Timothy Mak

Group General Manager

Mr Timothy Mak is currently the market leader for Signify in Hong Kong and Macau, obtained a bachelor’s degree of Computer Science in University of London and has accumulated over 30 years of experience in the corporate communication system and information technology industry. He also entitled with management positions in Korea and Mainland China in his early years and has years of management experience across Asia Pacific regional.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

As Signify is a carbon neutral company, Signify will relentlessly to support Hong Kong to transform to achieve carbon neutrality ambition by 2050.

Jose Manuel Rodriguez Moreno

General Manager

Jose is the General Manager of the Hong Kong office of Spare-it, a Boston-based Sustainability & Prop-Tech company. Spare-it aims to enable millions of individuals with access to live waste intelligence to boost circularity and reduce waste.

Spare-it provides companies with granular waste data to drive awareness and behavior change through data intelligence while connecting this data with employees.

Jose’s experience living in various regions of the world has fostered an appreciation for diverse cultures. He believes sustainability is a global endeavor that requires collaboration and understanding across borders.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Reflecting on my sustainability journey, I am eager to continue driving positive change, empowering individuals with data. As Hong Kong ReThinks and redefines itself as a city of the future, we must bridge waste circularity and individuals through awareness.


Jason Ho

Vice President, Electrical

Jason has some 20 years of experience in the Assurance, Testing, Inspection and Certification industry. He has extensive experience in leading the team to develop new services for serving the industries ranging from electronic, wireless to textile and apparel. He has also been managing projects relating to robotic, cybersecurity and smart clothing. He works closely with customers and industry stakeholders to provide Total Quality Assurance solutions for adding value to their R&D process and supply chains.

Jason received his MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Bachelor of Science Applied Chemistry (major in environmental study) from the City University of Hong Kong.  Besides, he attended an executive training program Management of Technology Program in Haas School of Business, University of California Berkeley, USA. He is an Executive Committee Member of The Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association Limited (HKEIA).

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