Change Makers Stage

The Art of Social Entrepreneurship: Balancing Profit and Purpose

Day 1 : 12:05 – 12:55

Purpose is the new Profit. As social entrepreneurs find new ways to integrate purpose into their ventures and the future they see for themselves and their communities, how are they managing the balance between financial sustainability and delivering societal impact?


  • Why is purpose core to staying relevant in a fast-changing world?
  • What does it mean to achieve profit-purpose balance?
  • How can organisations move away from purely maximising shareholder returns to delivering value to all key stakeholders, while reaping the rewards of placing purpose at the core of their business strategy and model?

Post-event Actions for Delegates

  • Consider how your company and industry can cooperate with social entrepreneurship and initiatives that blend business and societal goals towards a better collective future


Dr. Andrew Chi-lok Yuen

EMBA Director, CUHK Business School

Dr. Andrew Yuen graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) obtained with BBA and MPhil degrees. Later, he obtained his PhD Degree of Transport Economics from Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Canada. Currently, he is a Senior Lecturer of Department of Decisions, Operations and Technology, CUHK. His main research interests include aviation and maritime economics, industrial organisation and applied econometrics. He published academic papers in various international peer-reviewed journals, including Journal of Transport Economics Policy, Journal of Air Transport Management, Transport Research Parts A and D, Maritime Policy and Management and Pacific Economic Review. Dr. Yuen was appointed as Assistant Dean of CUHK Business School, and Co-director of Integrated BBA Programme, between 2012 and 2014. Since 2014, he has served as the Associate Dean (General Education), SHHO College, and the Director of Policy and Knowledge Transfer, Aviation Policy and Research Centre at CUHK.


Aggie Chan

Founder and Director

Aggie Chan
Hong Kong renowned female philanthropist
Capital Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award 2013
Greater Bay China Outstanding Female Entrepreneur 2022
Greater Bay China Outstanding Young Leader 2023
Charter President , Hong Kong Clear Water Bay Leo Lions Club
Hong Kong Ocean Park Ambassador

Aggie Chan is the founder of Optical Easy, an O2O eyewear concept store in Causeway Bay and Tsuen Wan Hong Kong, which has been supporting the contact lens case recycling program for many years. We are committed to promote eye health, and public education on environmental protection. We would like to promote marine animal protection and environmental sustainability together with Ocean Park. “More Blue” is the slogan of Optical Easy too. We support Hong Kong brands, including our own brand of eyeglass frames and eco-friendly frames made from discarded fishnets.

Edmund Chan

COO & Co-founder

Edmund Chan is the co-founder of Meat the Next, a Super Food Technology Impact Venture on New Protein products & solutions for new generations. He obtained the degree of Executive MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. With 15 years experience of in food industry marketing, operations, and business strategy, Mr. Chan has unique insights into new product development and has been well acquainted with trends and practices in the food industry though diet change for climate change.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

Diet Change to combat with the Climate change for sustainability eating habits and how to run the sustainable impact start up venture.

Queenie Man

The Project Futurus

Founder and CEO

Queenie is the Founder & CEO of The Project Futurus and Captain Softmeal. She is also the Managing Director at Forward Living and Culture Homes. Queenie is an appointed member of The Elderly Commission at the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to provide advice in the formulation of a comprehensive policy in caring for elders. Queenie is also a Board Member at AIDs Concern.

Queenie had worked as a global brand strategist for almost a decade specializing on brand strategy, design and customer experience for Fortune 500s prior to joining the eldercare field. Combining her insights and experiences in both branding and elderly services, Queenie established The Project Futurus in 2019 to transform the way people perceive aging through advocacy, education, community service, and impact program design. Queenie established “Captain Softmeal” (軟餐俠) to raise awareness on dysphagia health and recently expanded the platform to Singapore. In addition, she created an immersive experiential dim sum program “Sensory Restaurant on Wheels” (流動五感大茶樓) serviced over 2400 elders living with dementia to deliver the joy of dim sum dining. Queenie also responsible for the rebranding of “Culture Homes” and Nordic-inspired senior community “Forward Living”, and an aging-in-place concept experience store “The Living Gallery”.

Queenie was named “Harper’s Bazaar Visionary Women Award 2023”, “Prestige Women of Power 2023”, “Tatler Gen.T 2022 Leaders of Tomorrow” and “Jessica Most Successful Women 2021” . She is also a TEDx and KODW speaker, an Enterprise Advisor at CLAP@JC, and a MingPao columnist.

Queenie holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing and Information Systems from the University of Washington (USA). She is also pursuing a Masters Degree in Dementia at the University of Stirling (UK) (2022-2025). She is also a certified Healthcare Worker and Personal Care Worker, and an Eden Alternative Associate advocating for human-centric care.

My sustainability goals for 2024:

I am committed to channelling my passion serving our elders and their well-being. By combining my experience and passion in social innovation, elderly service, and brand strategy & design, I hope to be able to create a new narrative for aging and inspire positive transformation.

Aging is one of UN’s global mega trends, I hope to be able to introduce innovative aged care practices by connecting global practices and knowledge exchange. My sustainability goals for 2024-2025 are to continue to champion for elders’ well-being through meaningful engagements, provide dignified dining solutions for those with swallowing difficulties, raise awareness on positive ageing and promote social inclusion, and to support WHO’s UN Decade of Healthy Ageing.

Jeffrey Yau

Founder & Business Director

I was born and raised in Hong Kong and begin my career as a Trane HVAC Sales Engineer in 1990. Soon I joined the oil lubricants sector and started managing China market business with Castrol/BP from 1996. I enjoyed my stay in Shanghai and Guangzhou for the lubricants business before I moved back to Hong Kong and joined DuPont/Chemours in 2006 as APAC Refrigerants manager and started leading Teflon™ coating business from 2009. I considered my key qualities like fast learning, customer centric, strong business acumen, strategic thinking and seasoned people skills allow me to develop in different industries, markets and products and taken on challenges successfully.
I left my last full-time position with Chemours in 2019 and started technology consultancy practice for a couple years before I completed the MIT Sustainability Executive program in 2021. Soon I found “GRPan” and taking actions to reduce landfill waste, CO2-GHG emissions and do good for our environment.

My sustainability goals for 2023:

As I started GRPan, I am devoted to reducing landfills waste and CO@-GHG emissions by Refurbishing more damaged worn-out nonstick cookware for Reuse.
Together with my team, Alliance & Partners, we strive for promoting circular economy in real practice for Repairing and Reuse nonstick frypan, pots, rice cooker inserts, baking trays which shall not dumped to the landfills as we can recoat them with a new nonstick coating for Reuse and extend their product lifespan.

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