Net Zero & Nature Positive Theatre (Keynote)

The Just Transition Opportunity: Redefining Business Leadership and Value for the Good of All

Day 1 : 12:05 – 12:35

While corporate demand to support nature conservation and restoration is surging, existing models for achieving this are limited, and there is often a mismatch between funding, project quality and scale, and impact duration.

This session will showcase the Rimba Collective, a conservation financing model that is scalable, able to accommodate the shared responsibilities among different tiers of companies, and also delivers for individual companies’ sustainability goals. This innovative approach integrates robust nature-based solutions and high-quality forest protection effort, with delivering impacts for people in local communities.


  • How can industry leaders redefine their strategy to deliver their climate and nature goals through credible and scalable collective action?
  • How can companies integrate their climate and nature goals to their supply chain decisions, and deliver long-term positive impacts?

Post-event actions:

  • Gain insights on how companies can amplify their sustainability strategies and efforts by investing in robust nature-based solutions to achieve a 1.5C pathway.


Chris Coulter


Chris works with leadership organizations to help them better understand and respond to shifting stakeholder expectations, build trust with key constituencies and exert greater influence in shaping the future.
Chris has two decades of experience in providing evidence-based counsel in the areas of reputation, purpose and sustainability. He is passionate about building trusted and recognized leadership for GlobeScan’s clients. He holds an MA in International Affairs and has substantive international experience having lived in North America, Europe and Asia. Chris has been with GlobeScan since 1998. He is a member of Walgreen’s Corporate Responsibility Advisory Board, and the Multinational Subcommittee of B Lab’s Standards Advisory Council. He is also the Chair of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility. He is a co-author of two books, All In: The Future of Business Leadership (2018) and The Sustainable Business Handbook (2022), and has a podcast, All In: The Sustainable Business Podcastdership for GlobeScan’s clients.

Andika Putraditama

Head of Rimba Collective

Andika leads the implementation & strategy development of the Rimba Collective financing mechanism at Lestari Capital. He oversees Rimba Collective’s cross-department coordination, policy research & advocacy, and alignment with corporate sustainability platforms such as the SBTi & SBTN. He serves as a member of the SBTi Technical Advisory Group & SBTi BVCM Expert Advisory Group on behalf of Lestari Capital.

Andika has over 10 years of experience in sustainable land use & commodities in Southeast Asia. Before joining Lestari Capital, he was Deputy Program Director at WRI Indonesia, where he helped establish WRI’s Indonesia office & managed its forest & land use portfolio. He received a Master of Science in Forestry from Northern Arizona University as the recipient of USAID-CIFOR Fellowship.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Hong Kong has a unique opportunity to lead the region in advancing nature-based solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. As a global financial center, Hong Kong can mobilize capital and expertise to support forest conservation and restoration projects across Asia. Financial actors in Hong Kong should set ambitious sustainability goals that demonstrate its commitment to the global efforts to halt and reverse deforestation.

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