Change Makers Stage

ESG Game: Intergenerational Problem Solving for Climate Change

Day 2 : 15:40 – 16:30

Workshop participants will have the opportunity to engage with players from a range of industries, backgrounds and experiences in a game that simulates real-world businesses in their adaptation of strategies to resolve different physical and transition risks.


  • Collaborative discussions between youth and experienced professionals on climate adaptation and mitigation
  • Understand how physical and transition climate risks can impact businesses
  • Understand different industries and their possible responses to climate change

Post-Event Actions

  • Envision the importance of scenario analysis integration into your companies with intergenerational action


Chan Gyu Choi


Mr.Choi is a young professional with extensive experience in corporate sustainability consulting. Mr. Choi believes the key to a sustainability transition of societies lie in the role of corporations, and aims to help corporations move towards a greener future. Apart from his passion towards sustainability, he also takes part in youth-led initiatives and societal impact projects. Born and raised in 4 different cultures, Chan now majors in Environmental Management and Technology at HKUST.

My Sustainability goals for 2023: 

Increased share of renewables!

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