Net Zero & Nature Positive Theatre (Keynote)

Zero Carbon Mobility Ecosystem: A New Era for Public-Private Partnerships

Day 2 : 11:40 – 12:30

There are several opportunities growing for public-private partnerships in Hong Kong as we drive towards a zero-carbon energy and mobility ecosystem. The integration of alternative and renewable energy sources will help to develop more resilient infrastructure where the government can work with the private secret to implement coinciding solutions. 

Overall, the panel will provide valuable insights and perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of creating a zero-carbon energy and mobility ecosystem in Hong Kong, and the role of public-private partnerships in driving innovation towards sustainable development goals. 


  • What is the potential of hydrogen as a fuel source in Hong Kong, and what are the challenges and opportunities of developing a hydrogen economy? 
  • What opportunities are there to further decarbonise Hong Kong’s transportation system? 
  • What role can government policies and regulations play in promoting the transition to a zero-carbon energy  and mobility ecosystem, and how can public-private partnerships help to shape these policies? 

Post-event Actions 

  • Steer towards a closer public-private partnership to nurture innovation over new energy transport technologies and accelerate their uptake. 
  • Enable public transport system in Hong Kong, well known on its efficiency, to be also recognised for its sustainability and climate resilience. 


Walter van Hattum

Head of Trade and Economic

My career combines commercial with sustainability policies. I worked for the ILO in Nigeria; the Dutch MFA and for the EU on nuclear fusion, humanitarian aid and health policies. Recent postings include Indonesia and the Philippines, where I served as head of the trade section of the EU Delegation, following which I was responsible for leveraging EU’s trade (preferences) for improving labour, human rights and environmental standards. In January 2021, I was appointed head of the trade section of the EU office to Hong Kong and Macao.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

Awareness, ambition, cooperation

Jessica Chan

Head of Sustainability

Jessica is the Head of Sustainability of MTR Corporation responsible for developing sustainability-related policies and strategies and driving sustainability initiatives for the Corporation. She is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in environmental and corporate sustainability. Jessica is a member of several international and local sustainability-related committees including UITP’s Sustainable Development Committee, WEF’s Community of ESG Practitioners, and HKGCC’s Environment & Sustainability Committee. She is also a member of the Board of Examiners of HKMA’s Hong Kong Sustainability Award.

Dr. Saraansh Dave

Director – eMobility

Saraansh is Director of eMobility for CLP Power Hong Kong where he leads a team enabling the electrification of transport for CLP Power’s customers and stakeholders. Before this, Saraansh held roles at the CLP Group focusing on business development of new opportunities across the Asia-Pacific region.

Prior to CLP, Saraansh worked for SSE Plc in the UK within their commercial division where he held several roles from strategy to business development which included areas such as electric vehicles, storage, and energy services.

Saraansh has also worked for Toshiba Corporate Research & Development where he focused on smart grid-related projects across the UK and Europe. He holds a first class Master’s degree in Engineering from the University of Oxford and an Engineering Doctorate from the University of Bristol.

Kenneth Leung

Principal Assistant Secretary (Air Policy)

Dr Leung’s current position is Principal Assistant Secretary for Air Policy in the Environment and Ecology Bureau. He obtained his PhD in mechanical engineering from Imperial College London and has expertise in combustion science, air pollution modelling, environmental impact assessment and air quality management. He is currently responsible for developing policies to improve air quality, promote new energy transport, and formulating EV-charging strategy for Hong Kong.

Christoph Meyer

General Manager Hong Kong, South China & Macau

Christoph is appointed as General Manager Hong Kong, South China and Macau for Lufthansa Group since February 1, 2020. He is responsible for Passenger Sales of Lufthansa German Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) in Hong Kong, South China and Macau market.

Christoph previously worked as Head of Content & Dialogue Marketing for SWISS based in Zurich. He was responsible for airline sponsoring, event management, social media channels, newsletters and tourism partnerships.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023

  • Raise and increase the awareness of sustainability in the aviation and tourism industry in Hong Kong.
  • Promote the transition and investment of Hong Kong to become a green tourism hub.

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