Change Makers Stage

Analysing Through a Value Creating Lens: Insights from Rising Change Makers

Day 2 : 15:05 – 15:55

Sustainability is traditionally viewed as a cost centre, with sceptics withholding their buy-in and support, thus resulting in minimal efforts being poured into their companies’ sustainability journeys. It is imperative that a more innovative and youth perspective be adopted, traditional norms challenged, and greenwashing curbed to contribute to Hong Kong’s Net Zero goals in a commercial environment. Within this movement, youths play a critical role in uncovering hidden values, tackling obstacles and proposing practical strategies for integrating sustainability into business operations.

With a focus on revealing the often-overlooked benefits of sustainable practices and addressing the challenges faced by SMEs, this session aims to spark innovative solutions driven by the creative mindset and critical thinking of younger generations. Highlighting the importance of adopting a value creation lens, to define the impacts and merits of sustainability. Overall, our speakers will provide their actionable insights to leverage the energy and enthusiasm of youth in driving sustainability and innovation within their organizations, fostering a more resilient and dynamic business landscape.


  • How can youths cultivate innovation and critical thinking to advance sustainability within small and medium sized enterprises and startups?
  • How can we address the perception of sustainability as a cost center for SMEs and instead, promote investment for success?
  • How do we uncover and highlight the hidden benefits and opportunities that sustainable practices offer to SMEs through a value creation lens, particularly attracting talent and enhancing competitiveness?

Post-Event Actions:

  • Reflect on how your company views sustainability and its integration into business strategies
  • Rethink how sustainability can be used as an asset to further your business goals
  • Re-assess validity of existing sustainability initiatives and combat potential greenwashing schemes

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