Net Zero & Nature Positive Theatre (Keynote)

Climate Resilience and Adaptation Approach for Hong Kong Businesses

Day 2 : 14:35 – 15:25

In Hong Kong, the business sector faces acute challenges from climate emergency, necessitated by its dense urban environment and economic structure. Rising sea levels, intensifying typhoons, and escalating temperatures pose significant risks to infrastructure, supply chains, and operational viability. For businesses, resilience and adaptation are not just environmental responsibilities but strategic imperatives crucial for sustainable growth and competitiveness. Innovating towards resilience allows companies to pre-empt climate risks, ensure continuity, and tap into new opportunities presented by the sustainable economy. Thus, in the context of Hong’s Kong’s vibrant but vulnerable economic landscape, building adaptive and resilient business practices is paramount for enduring success in the face of environmental uncertainties. 


  • What steps can businesses take to mitigate climate risks like rising sea levels and extreme weather in Hong Kong? 
  • How can business collaborate to improve supply chain resilience against climate change? 
  • What kind of collaboration with government will support the business sector in overcome extreme weather event? 

Post-event Actions: 

  • Rethink climate resilience in a more extreme setting. 
  • Understand what kind of collaboration and the latest implement from business and the government will help supporting the city-wide resilience discussion. 

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