Buildings & Facilities Theatre

Cutting Edge Technologies to Transform Facilities Management

Day 2 : 15:35 – 16:25

Technology continues to transform the business landscape. It touches nearly every part of facilities management including energy efficiency, data decision making, work efficiency, predictive maintenance, work safety, space utilization optimization, occupancy comfort and controls, and remote monitoring.

Building owners face the challenge of adopting the right technology solutions that can provide resiliency for buildings, maintaining flexibility and competitiveness in the changing business climate, while driving a return on their technology investment. Emerging advancements in nanotech, space technology, and AI are expected to further expand the choices that will transform facilities management.


  • What are the new technologies that can positively impact facility operations?
  • Which technology trends are most likely to impact facilities management?
  • What are the leading practices from corporates in adopting technologies for facilities management?

Post-event Actions: 

  • Rethink the way technology can create value for facilities management while delivering on their sustainable goals.

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