BEC Business Transformation Theatre

Mainstreaming the Business Case for Nature with TNFD and Policy Drivers

Day 1 : 12:10 – 13:00

Nature is essential to sustaining the survival of all life forms on this planet and ensures the stability of a fully functioning society and economy. On a global level, companies face growing calls to reduce their nature impacts and protect biodiversity.   

This session will delve into the business landscape when it comes to action, engagement and disclosure on nature topics. We will invite panellists to share their experiences with nature-related topics from a business perspective, including piloting TNFD, understanding supply chain and risk management, identifying challenges and finding opportunities to integrate nature into business strategies. We will also discuss policy instruments and developments to support this agenda, such as Hong Kong’s upcoming Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan and the business-nature interlink.  


  • What nature-related risks are businesses already facing and will increasingly face? Why should businesses pay greater attention to their nature impacts through the supply chain? 
  • Better understand how changing policy drivers will accelerate business engagement with nature 
  • How companies are leading in efforts to assess and disclose their nature impacts through TNFD 

Post-event Actions

  • Rethink the direct and indirect impacts of your business and industry on nature and biodiversity, looking beyond the boundary of Hong Kong and into the value chain.  
  • Understand the importance of nature for businesses, particularly from a supply-chain and risk management lens, and how these can materialise as both risks and opportunities for corporates.  

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