Organisational Purpose x Sustainability Business Growth Workshop

Day 2 : 13:45 – 15:00

Business-as-usual is not sustainable. Prioritising profit at all costs neglects the essential balance between economic success, environmental stewardship, and social equity needed to create long-term shared value. Achieving this balance is key to future-proofing business.
The Purpose x Sustainability Business Growth Workshop, presented by The Purpose Business (TPB), will explore how embracing purpose-led growth can redefine a future where business success and sustainable development are inextricably linked.


Through a blend of thought-provoking discussions, expert insights and practical workshopping, this session is designed to inspire and empower corporates to redefine their paths towards a future where business success and sustainability are inextricably linked. We will:

  • Discuss the inherent connection between organisational purpose and sustainability
  • Present the business case for a purpose-driven approach, illustrating how it can foster resilience, innovation and competitive advantage.
  • Provide actionable insights on identifying your company’s organisational purpose and how to embed and activate purpose to drive meaningful change and achieve your sustainability objectives.

Post-event Actions

  • Feel energised and equipped to lead purposeful change with your organisation
  • Understand the principles of business success driven by Purpose


Outi Grüner

The Purpose Business

Head of Market Development and Sustainability Advisor

Outi is a sustainability strategist focused on driving action towards impact and has spent over 14 years in (Southeast) Asia facilitating socially, economically and environmentally transformative business solutions.

She has an extensive background spearheading purpose-driven programmes for multinational corporations, government agencies and social investors in areas of strategic multi-stakeholder partnerships, ESG strategies and project development, global event coordination and in sustainability communications.

Originally from Finland, Outi identifies as a global native who is currently settled in Singapore.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

1. Leverage the cultural and historical heritage of what makes Hong Kong unique to drive more action for impact across communities
2. Businesses harnessing the power of their past and respecting the context in which they operate; discovering and articulating what they stand for to drive their growth strategy
3. Business leaders realising and activating their influence to evolve business as a force for good