Change Makers Stage

Partnerships for Good: Connecting Education, Business, and Change Makers

Day 1 : 16:35 – 17:25

This session explores the collaboration between educators, businesses, and social innovators, including examples of social projects.


  • Examples of Social Projects
    • Can you provide examples of social projects that have emerged from collaborations between education, business, and social innovators?
    • What impact have these projects had on their respective communities or sectors?
  • Overcoming Collaboration Challenges
    • What challenges are commonly faced when attempting to collaborate across these sectors?
    • How do different sectors address the issue of varying objectives and cultures in collaborative projects?
  • The Future of Cross-Sector Partnerships
    • What future trends are anticipated in the collaboration between education, business, and social innovators?

Post-event Actions

  • To commit to long-term goals that require ongoing collaboration across sectors. Facilitate the development of action plans that embody a mindset geared towards sustainability and long-lasting social impact.

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