Rethinking Food Systems

Day 1 : 12:30 – 14:30

The energy and transport industries are two of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions and the climate crisis, but both are successfully decarbonising at a rapid and increasing rate. As the transition to green energy and fuel accelerates, the third biggest carbon emitter – the food and agricultural industry – is set to take centre stage as the most pressing and least addressed issue.

Within the next 10 years, our food systems will become the main focus in the fight against the climate crisis – but it will be too late to catalyse the scale of change that we need. The time to act is now; we need an immediate and drastic overhaul of how we grow, source, prepare and consume our food. This is a pivotal moment across the globe.

Countries across Asia have an opportunity to act more decisively than their Western counterparts have done, learning from the mistakes others have made over the past two decades and stepping into the future as world leaders in food systems transformation. With its unique position at the intersection between food systems and food consumers, the hospitality industry has a critical role to play in this seismic shift.

Join The Sustainable Restaurant Association in a revolutionary session designed to inspire, inform and galvanise the sector for positive and impactful change.

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