Rethinking Inclusion

Day 2 : 10:00 – 11:30

This roundtable focuses on reimagining inclusion as a conscious act by understanding the realities of the diversity and inclusion in Hong Kong today.

To the reimagine inclusion as a conscious act, the roundtable encourages participants to

  • Reflect – exploring the DE&I realities of Hong Kong and workplaces today by understanding the dimensions to diversity in everyday life
  • Rethink – As you reimagine inclusion to be a conscious action, participants are encouraged rethink mindsets and possibilities for behaviour and social change
  • Realign – realigning goals that are fit for purpose to encourage participation in the society and also give voice to marginalised communities
  • Rebalance – rebalancing inequitable systems in the society and in workplaces through the work of community groups and employee groups that would help change systems
  • Re-engage – re-engaging communities for wider impact where inclusion is an everyday occurrence.

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