The Foundation of ISSB – Uncovering the Climate Risk Conundrum

Day 2 : 10:15 – 11:30

This workshop will provide an introduction to ISSB’s IFRS S2, focusing on climate-relatedd isclosures in an interactive scenario-based game. With ISSB reporting becoming compulsory
in Hong Kong as of 2025 to 2026, this workshop will provide participants with a step-by-step breakdown of the basic IFRS S2 reporting requirements, allowing for better understanding of the implementation of climate risk mitigation across various levels within a company. Each player represents a different part of a vertically integrated business, with a range of angles and
perspectives to cultivate, implement and manage solutions for climate risk mitigation.


  1. Give participants foundational knowledge regarding IFRS S2, TCFD and climate risk.
  2. Showcase the significance of physical and transitional climate risk, and encourage participants to apply themselves and their businesses within its context.
  3. Facilitate participants in applying an analytical mindset for problem solving related to climate risk.
  4. Promote collaborative problem solving between participants, fostering exchange of ideas and experiences.

Post-Event Actions

  1. Gain understanding of the governance, strategic, risk management and metric requirements of IFRS S2 reporting standards in Hong Kong, emphasizing the significance of holistic integration of sustainability in corporations.
  2. Importance of incorporating views of various stakeholders across the organization, through increased data transparency, for good internal governance and improved resilience towards climate risk.
  3. Understanding the necessity for ESG analysis and planning for businesses to adapt to the climate crisis