Net Zero & Nature Positive Theatre (Keynote)

The Scope 3 Challenge

Day 1 : 12:15 – 13:05

This session will explore the complexities of Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions, which occur in a company’s value chain. These emissions are often the largest share of a corporation’s carbon footprint and can be the most challenging to manage due to their indirect nature. The panel will explore strategies for businesses to effectively measure, report, and reduce these emissions, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with suppliers and customers to achieve meaningful reductions.


  • What are the challenges associated with measuring Scope 3 emissions?
  • How can you engage with suppliers and customers to encourage and facilitate emission reductions?

Post-event Actions

  • Understanding what Scope 3 is and be able to create a baseline to create a framework for action.
  • Understand the innovative approaches and technologies to mitigate Scope 3 emissions.