Change Makers Stage

Visualising Sustainability in Youth Gen: Innovating Storytelling Through Multimedia

Day 2 : 15:05 – 15:55

In today’s rapidly changing world, the urgency to address climate change and promote sustainability has become increasingly evident. This panel session brings together young creators who are at the forefront of utilising technology and multimedia strategies to bridge the gap between impactful storytelling.

Through their creative endeavours, young creators aim to visualise the actual ramifications of climate change, capturing the attention of audiences and creating a channel where the voices of community members and advocates can be heard. By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, they seek to inspire action and foster a deeper understanding of the pressing environmental challenges we face.

This panel session also explores the vital aspects of measuring and evaluating the impact of sustainability storytelling. KPIs and impact measurement strategies take centre stage as participants discuss effective methods to assess the reach and influence of sustainability narratives. By examining these KPIs and measurement strategies, the session aims to provide valuable insights for content creators, organisations, and advocates, enabling them to gauge the effectiveness of their sustainability communication efforts.


  • How can we effectively showcase the urgency and tangible effects of climate change and amplify the voices of community members and youth advocates?
  • How can we explore communication KPIs and strategies to measure the impact of sustainability storytelling?
  • How can we encourage collaborations between young content creators and businesses to expand the reach of sustainability messages and improve conversion rate?

Post-Event Actions:

  • Promote continuous dialogue and collaboration between young content creators and businesses to foster innovative approaches in communicating sustainability and creating impactful narratives
  • Develop metrics to measure conversion rate in storytelling and communications
  • Establish dedicated platforms or channels to amplify the perspectives of community members and youth advocates on sustainability issues

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