Agnes Cheng

Agnes Cheng

Parks and Trails


Agnes Cheng is currently CEO of Parks and Trails, a non-profit organization dedicated to elevating the appreciation and awareness towards Hong Kong’s vibrant natural environment, and empowering people to care for and protect it.

Agnes was qualified as a solicitor in Hong Kong in 2001. In 2008, after working as a WTO project lead for 4 years, her growing interest in developing country issues led her to shift to a non-profit career track. From 2009 – 2022, she was Head of Esquel Group’s corporate foundation focusing on rural education and has experience working in many parts of rural Asia.

In 2015, Agnes teamed up with a few hiking friends and started advocating about excessive use of concrete on Hong Kong’s natural trails, which has since brought together the government, NGOs and the public collaborating towards a new model of trail maintenance.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

  • Provide more education resources and participation opportunities on the topic of Nature and Climate Change for different sectors of Hong Kong society.
  • Enhance the use of technology and citizen science in engaging and educating the public; providing impactful services for nature lovers to enjoy and protect nature.
  • Enhance engagement with the government on the topic of trails and nature conservation and the relationship with Hong Kong’s climate resilience.