Chris Yoshii

Chris Yoshii

Vice President Economics

Mr. Chris Yoshii is the Global Director of Economics + Planning and heads AECOM’s Economics and Planning practice in Asia. Under Chris’ leadership, AECOM has been able to integrate Economics into its planning and design work across Asia, South Asia and the Middle East for an array of public and private sector clients.

Mr. Yoshii’s expertise includes the provision of specialist advice and strategic direction on economic planning to government, commercial, public entities and private clients. Chris has overseen and spearheaded studies that encompass Transit Oriented Development, Urban Regeneration, New Town & District Planning, and Financial Feasibility of mixed-use urban projects. These projects often entail market analysis, programming, economic impact analysis, and project management.

Over the past 37 years, Mr. Yoshii has worked extensively with a broad range of clients and projects to ensure economic reality as part of an overall development strategy and design.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I would like to see Hong Kong make substantial progress in real implementable planning and financing for the electrification of the commercial fleets (bus, public light bus, light and medium duty vehicles). Commercial vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions as well as air pollution.