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Cintia Nunes


The Mills Fabrica

Cintia Nunes is the Director of The Mills Fabrica and focuses on leading the team to become the go-to platform for sustainability, impact and innovation in the techstyle (technology x lifestyle) and agrifood tech space via Fabrica’s investment portfolio, incubation programme, spaces and Fabrica’s environmental and social impact accountability.

Prior to joining Fabrica, Cintia worked in strategy, insights and marketing at a FMCG MNC where she focused on consumer behavioral assessment and formalizing business strategies for more than 10 brands. She then pivoted to a Series A apparel startup where she helped drive brand awareness, customer acquisition, retail and customer experience. Subsequently, she joined one of the social impact led platform where she helped to pivot their business model and soon became one of the prominent ecosystem system builders in Hong Kong through advocacy, bridging of resources and strategic partnerships.

With strong passion in driving social impact and systemic change, she is a strong advocate in cross-sector collaborations. She holds a BSc Economics degree from the University College London.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

More cross-sector collaborations and partnerships for greater synergy to realize systemic, sustainability goals.