Clement Ho

Clement Ho



Clement has over 25 years’ experience in transport planning, and has worked at varies Arup offices in the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and the Mainland China. He has extensive international transport planning project experience including Hong Kong, Macau, the Mainland China, Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Australia, India and Jamaica.

Arup Director, Leading China Transport Business, Digital Transport for East Asia, and East Asia Transport Planning Skills Network Leader.

Member of Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation; Council Member and Chartered Member of Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport; Visiting Lecturer University of Hong Kong Department of Urban Planning and Design and Department of Architecture; Chinese University of Hong Kong School of Architecture; City University of Hong Kong School of Energy and Environment.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Goal 5 on Gender Equity by design and collaboration with stakeholders
Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure by strategy planning and design