2023 Brochure released!

Coral Puig

Adjunct Professor / Founder


Coral balances her time between her clients in the private sector and the students of HKUST’s Business School, where she serves as a Marketing Professor, teaching Marketing and its role in the planet and in the society, Brand Activism and Strategy.

Born in Barcelona and raised in Switzerland, the USA and Catalonia, Coral has lived and worked in four continents and across diverse industries, including FMCG, Personal Care, Fashion, Pharma, and Hospitality, for over 22 years.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

Sustainable consumption and production considers the entire life cycle of economic activities, from the extraction of resources, processing these resources into materials and products, the use of these products, and finally their disposal as wastes or emissions.

By doing so, Sustainable consumption and production helps to identify and develop solutions for improving natural resource use that achieve multiple sustainability objectives simultaneously or “win-win” gains that occur when economic, social and environmental aspects are jointly addressed.

Based on a systems approach Sustainable consumption and production manages burden shift and delivers an overall net benefit on sustainability. It also helps to link activities across time and scale to provide a long-term perspective on their impacts.