Prof. Dannii Yeung

Prof. Dannii Yeung

Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences, City University of Hong Kong


Prof. Dannii Yeung is a professor of psychology from the Department of Social and Behavioural Sciences at City University of Hong Kong. She is a fellow of the Gerontological Society of American (GSA). Her research focuses on identifying effective means to improve the psychological well-being of middle-aged and older adults, including research projects on age-related changes in work motives and conflict management, age discrimination in the workplace, retirement planning, caregiving for frail older adults, interventions to promote volunteering and improve mental well-being of older adults. She has received research funding from the RGC General Research Fund, RGC Collaborative Research Fund, Public Policy Research Funding Scheme, and other funding sources to support her projects.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

To improve job opportunities and well-being for older workers; To increase working adults’ preparation for retirement; To reduce mental health problems of older people.