2023 Brochure released!

Elsa Pau

Founder & CEO

BlueOnion Group

Elsa is a finance industry veteran focusing on sustainable, responsible, and impact investing. She advocates for investor protection and drives compelling propositions that benefit real change for the finance community. She is the Group CEO and founder of the FinTech portal, BlueOnion. Her latest venture, BlueOnion, promotes responsible investing by exposing the stewardship practices of asset managers, insurers, pension providers, and public companies. Her mission for BlueOnion is to steer financial services providers on the pathway of ethical approaches to address climate change and social injustice, helping investors achieve optimal returns with the highest moral responsibilities. Before creating BlueOnion, she was the Owner-operator of the 25-year-old publication, Benchmark, and a series of Wealth and Asset Management Awards Programs, Forums, and Quality Study operated under the Benchmark brand. She currently serves as an investment governor of a family office in Asia and a Committee member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services Development Fund.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

May there be less talking and more walking, less pressurized regulation and more authentic actions, less bureaucracy and more collaboration between governments and the private sectors to drive real Sustainable Development Goals