2023 Brochure released!

Gloria Lai

Manager, Oceans Sustainability

WWF-Hong Kong

Gloria joined WWF in 2015 working on Seafood Choice Initiative. She provides stakeholders including seafood suppliers, F&B industry and corporations with advices on sourcing sustainable seafood. In 2018, the Sustainable Seafood Week led by her with the conservation team successfully gained more than 300 restaurant and supermarkets outlets’ support, to raise public awareness on sustainable seafood. Prior to joining WWF, Gloria worked in marketing for different restaurant groups. Currently, she is also the project manager of WWF’s Sharks Conservation and Ecological Footprint Programme.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

  • To raise public awareness on sustainable seafood and fill the knowledge gap so that we can leverage the consumer power and make a bigger impact
  • To facilitate the process of product labelling improvement among the seafood industry to increase transparency