Haiming Xie

Haiming Xie

Shenzhen Xieli Innovation Center of New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle


Haiming Xie is the Director of the Shenzhen Xieli New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center. As a Senior Engineer, an expert with the New Energy Vehicle Professional Committee of the Guangdong traffic Transport Association, and an expert of the acceptance team for the Ministry of Transport’s Urban Green Freight Distribution Demonstration Project. He is also the think-tank during the process of new energy vehicles promotion and application in Shenzhen.

Since 2015, Haiming has assisted the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau in achieving large-scale promotion and application of new energy pure electric trucks in urban distribution. And he has contributed to the development of policies such as the new energy truck road rights policy, the new energy logistics vehicle operation subsidy policy, and the pure electric dump truck excess emission reduction reward policy.

Currently, he is promoting the implementation of pilot projects for the electrification of heavy trucks in Shenzhen, Dongguan, and Huizhou, as well as the zero-emission channel pilot project for cross-border heavy truck transportation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong. He is also involved in formulating related policies for the electrification of heavy trucks in Shenzhen.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

  • It can form a perfect charging network.
  • Can start heavy truck electrification together with Guangdong.