2023 Brochure released!

Isabelle Chabrat

Co-founding Director


Hong Kong-based Isabelle Chabrat is co-founder and Director of Ocean3C where she is mostly focusing on Development, Events and Partnerships with stakeholders from all sides. Over the years she has been dedicating most of her time to Ocean related topics and sustainability, while keeping her activity in the media industry.

Prior to this she has led a career in Marketing and Sales starting with IBM and following with smaller structures in New York (9 years) and Hong Kong (15 years). She has been involved numerous times in nonprofit organizations, before setting up her first environmental association in 2016, followed by Ocean3c in 2019. All her experiences in a multicultural context has enabled her to connect with players from all backgrounds, promoting Collaboration towards SDG14.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

“With knowing comes caring” ( Sylvia Earle )

  • Share and explain our current knowledge on Ocean sustainability and its importance in the Climate Crisis
  • Involve business stakeholders in the “Caring”