Jack Yuen

Jack Yuen

SGS Hong Kong Limited

Deputy Director of Health & Nutrition and Sustainability Development

Jack has over a decade of cross-disciplinary experience of professional experience across sustainability development, supply chain solutions, quality assurance, digitalization transformation and consulting services for different leading companies.

Jack leads the team and drives new initiatives and products in the Asia region, brings collaboration with business partners, and assists corporate clients in formulating their sustainability and supply solutions along their value chain.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

1. Hong Kong food commercial and industrial generate huge amounts of food waste daily, apart from disposing of the food waste in landfills, a proportion of food waste can be processed and regenerated as different forms of useful sources and contribute to agriculture and fishery. It is hoped to see more incentives and funding available to encourage more parties to develop solutions and expedite the implementation.

2. Transparency and credibility in green initiatives’ product claims are crucial for the sustainable market. It is hoped our mark can help companies build trust in their products and brands to showcase their green initiatives in the market with independent environmental claim certification and verification.