James H. W. Wong

James H. W. Wong

Chairman & Director

James started his career as an environmental consultant in the early 90s before joining Chevron Hong Kong that operates the Caltex brand in 1992. In his years of experience with Chevron as a global integrated energy company, James works in multiple sales and operation roles across a variety of fuel sectors that power the entire transportation industry, from marine bunker for ships, aviation jet for airplanes, to now managing the land fuels and lubricants business for cars, meeting the daily energy needs of customers from retail to commercial & industrial segments in Hong Kong.

James is the Chairman & Director of Chevron HK and has been that for Caltex Taiwan Corp., a joint venture at Taipei Taoyuen airport, for 10 years. He served as a Director in AFSC fuel consortium at HK airport for 7 years and was elected as Fuel Suppliers Representative for 2 times. Most recently in Jun 2023, James stewarded the launch of the very first Caltex Offset-paired Diesel program for the HK construction industry. James got his MBA and BSc Chemistry degrees from Chinese University of HK and University of HK.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

I am committed to supplying customers with safe and reliable fuel products, while striving to explore different options and solutions to lower lifecycle carbon emissions in my business operations.