2023 Brochure released!

Jeffrey Andrews

Social Worker

Christian Action - Centre for Refugees

An Indian by descent, Hong Kong-born and raised Jeffrey Andrews is one of the first ethnic minority registered social workers in Hong Kong. Committed to helping refugees and minority rights, in 2014 he travelled to the United Nations in Geneva to speak about the issues of segregated schools. He has been featured in numerous documentaries, news articles, TV programmes. He has received The Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation awarded in recognition of his dedicated service and outstanding contributions to the enhancement of racial harmony and integration to Hong Kong. Recently been selected as 2019 JCI Top Outstanding young persons and also 2019 Cathay Pacific’s Change Makers award and his beloved football team Manchester United recognised him as one of 7 Global heroes. He has been with Christian Action’s Centre for refugees for 11 years as a social worker and now assistant manager.

My Sustainability Goals for 2021:

Promote understanding and action in addressing systemic racism for advancements through community led initiatives within the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework.

Pushing diversity and inclusion practices at the heart of racial equity through engaging different sectors of society to Integrate the elimination of Systemic Racism, and highlight racial and ethnic discrimination, in order to bring about change to corporate and community responsibility and continuing to provide platform for dialogues, racial and cultural bridging initiatives.