Jonathan Mark Bailey

Jonathan Mark Bailey

City Facilities Management (HKG) Limited

General Manager Strategic Partnerships, Asia

Jonathan is the General Manager for Strategic Partnerships in Asia at City Facilities Management. He is responsible for expanding the number of partners working with City in the region and implementing City’s unique partnership model that provides an end-to-end solution for the design, delivery, and maintenance of facilities in accordance with the sustainability and business goals of the partner organization.

Prior to joining City FM, Jonathan was Regional Partnerships Manager for The Commons Project, a non-for-profit health technology start up that provided vaccine verification services to airlines, airports and governments. Before that role, Jonathan was on the Swire management program for 10 years seconded to Cathay Pacific where he took up several roles across 5 countries such as Country Manager Israel and Head of Digital Innovation for Airports.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Since last year it has been really positive to see the actions the government have taken with regards to creating policies to reduce the use of HFCs and HCFCs in Hong Kong by ~80% by 2030. It is now up to businesses to prepare for those policies being enacted from 2025 onwards.

As such, my primary sustainability goal for the coming year is to help businesses with large refrigeration or air-conditioning requirements plan for the upcoming phase down. My goal is to partner with businesses to ensure their transition to a low-carbon operating environment is done correctly, to ensure sustainable operating success both from a carbon neutrality and cost point of view.