Jude Chow

Jude Chow

Federation of Hong Kong Industries

Deputy Chairman

Mr Jude Chow is the Founder & CEO of AEL (International Holdings) Limited. In his early years in Australia, Mr Chow had extensive exposure to large-scale construction engineering, airport engineering, and environmental engineering projects. He then took up a regional position in a German technology company and was responsible for projects across 13 countries in the Asia Pacific. After joining AEL, he has led the company to sustainable growth from developing new products and entering into new markets, including Belt and Road countries. He is now working with partners from Europe, local research institutes and universities to build a waste-to-energy solution for the Asian Market. He is also dedicated to contributing to society with active participation in voluntary work and being a mentor for the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Energy and Environment, as well as the promotion of sustainability by representing the industry to liaise with Government and overseas counterparts.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

I hope to raise awareness of the waste problem in Hong Kong and for the Hong Kong’s Industrial SME to adopt ESG.