2023 Brochure released!

Juliana Lam

Founder and President


Juliana Lam is the Founder and Chairman of Julius Group Holdings Ltd, an OEM gloves manufacturer. Her manufacturing legacy was deeply influenced since her father’s gloves manufacturing company since 1963. She has over 20 years of manufacturing experience in gloves & accessories industries and had managed over 20 gloves factories in China and South East Asia countries. Julius Group is a forward-thinking company that believes in transforming the conventional gloves manufacturing business with ESG (environment, social and governance) as their core values and has equipped with the most advanced E-TECH double-rail production system hanging on ceiling. Building best efficiency through big data and constant innovations in the industry is her belief in nowadays industrial mind, as well as partnering with top retail brands globally. She is working tirelessly to reinvent and build sustainable business through technologies and innovative solutions. Juliana was the only female award winner among the few Young Industrialist Awards of Hong Kong in 2014 and the first female President of The Association of Hong Kong Gloves Traders Limited.

Juliana is also the Founder and President of UK born retail brand INNOTIER, an innovation-driven company with a mission to develop products that help people live in more sustainable lives with the global top technologies as foundation.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

We believe that a truly innovative approach to technology can have a big impact on the world. It can impact people and the planet and ensure a sustainable future for all. We also believe that we can only do this if we have a truly global mindset.