Ken Or

Ken Or

Tam Jai International Co. Ltd.

Corporate Planning Director

Ken Or joined Tam Jai International Co. Limited (TJI) in 2021. He is the Corporate Planning Director and serves as the Chairman of the ESG Committee. Ken is responsible for developing corporate strategy, leading business transformation, and fostering the growth of new brands and ventures, in addition to managing investment strategies. As Chairman of the ESG Committee, he administers the Tam Jai Goodness Trust and is at the forefront of the company’s sustainability efforts.

Before joining TJI, Ken was a Partner at Yamato Capital Partners (YCP), co-heading the Hong Kong office and leading the Asia consumer & retail business practice focusing on principal investments and value creation. Before YCP, Ken held a position at Deloitte China as a management consultant, specializing in growth strategies and digital transformation.

Ken’s academic background includes an MSc in Management from Imperial College London and a BEng in System Engineering from the University of Warwick. His educational background complements his extensive experience in the consumer & retail sector.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

As a leading restaurant chain in Hong Kong, TamJai is committed to embodying our core values, “Will to Win, Passion to Serve,” in our sustainability initiatives for 2024-2025. We are dedicated to reducing waste and enhancing our climate disclosure practices to provide transparency and foster trust among our stakeholders. In our pursuit of sustainability, we aim to co-create behavioral changes and build a “plastic-free” community, encouraging both our staff and customers to make environmentally friendly choices. Additionally, our “Eat Healthy” campaigns will promote nutritional awareness and healthier lifestyle choices across all our outlets. Through these integrated efforts, TamJai not only leads in food excellence but also in championing environmental stewardship.