Louie Sieh

Louie Sieh

Researcher, Design as Governance

Louie is an urban researcher on how value is created through place governance. She has worked across university, government and private sectors in the UK, Hong Kong and ASEAN countries. Projects have dealt with: performance management for design quality in public services, specifically the operation of planning systems; the case for private sector investment in public design; the management of long term value in the built environment; project evaluation in placemaking. Louie has been Programme Director of three flagship built environment design programmes at Cardiff University and the City University of Hong Kong.

Louie’s current research is on decision-making and placemaking in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Malaysia. Her most recent book is Providing Public Space in a Contemporary Metropolis: Dilemmas and Lessons from London and Hong Kong (2024, Policy Press), co-authored with Claudio de Magalhaes.

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Mainstream and enable co-design for the public realm, developing methods that are tailored for Hong Kong.

A public realm design approach that gives pedestrians greater priority than they currently have.

Confident and creative municipal leadership that takes, evidence-based, strategic, coordinated cross-bureau and departmental decisions to deliver public spaces fit for a world city.