Louis Chan

Louis Chan

Senior Environmental Business Manager

A practising professional in waste management for over 28 years, in Hong Kong as well as other Asia Pacifiic regions.

Hands-on person in project development, design, execution and operations. Fluent in all key engineering disciplines , and is in particular a registered professional mechanical and environmental engineer. Solid experiences in turnkey execution of environmental engineering facilities, for example a local biogas-to-towngas processing facility.

Former Chairman of Hong Kong Waste Management Association between 2009 and 2012, and had led several cross-border exchanges as well as responses to government consultations on waste and environmental management matters.

Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Green Strategy Alliance since its inauguration in 2012.

Dedicated in advancing Hong Kong to reduce waste, to increase recycling rate as well as to nurture the next generation of environmental professionals for a sustainable Hong Kong.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Increasing recycling rates in all sorts of wastes, no matter commercially viable or otherwise by themselves, and turn the recycled products and materials into open and accountable figures and numbers so the general public will appreciate what they had acehieved and for a more proactive attitude on a long-run.