2023 Brochure released!

Natalie Chung

Sustainability Lead

DFI Retail Group

Natalie serves as a sustainability associate at DFI Retail Group. As part of the founding team of sustainability practices, Natalie formulated the overarching sustainability and ESG framework for the leading pan-Asia retail group, covering brands such as Wellcome, Mannings, 7-Eleven, Guardian.

Natalie coordinated to publish the group’s first Sustainability Report in 2022, showcasing multi-faceted sustainability initiatives across different geographies and businesses. There is continuous engagement and progress tracking with business units across North and Southeast Asia to steer positive action towards serving our communities, sustaining the planet and sourcing responsibly.

Outside of the day job, Natalie is a co-founder of environmental education organisation V’air Hong Kong, and serves as a member at the Council for Sustainable Development and the Green Tech Fund Assessment Committee of the HKSAR Government.

My Sustainability Goals for 2022:

My sustainability goal is to stimulate green recovery post COVID-19, ensuring that resources are dedicated to building more resilient socioeconomic systems that are equitable and stay within environmental thresholds. I also wish to contribute in constructing urban circular bioeconomy and enhancing climate adaptation plans for vulnerable communities.