Pooja Vora

Pooja Vora

Sales Director

Raised in India & moved to HK in 2013 to manage sales for APAC, Pooja considers herself a flexspace expert after her 14 years’ experience in flex industry. Pooja completed her Masters in HKUST in 2016. Single when she first arrived in HK & now a mother of two beautiful girls, Pooja is the Sales Director and Enterprise Champion in her current profile at IWG. Pooja has worked in two of the best flex operators IWG & Wework.

Driving demand & selling flex as a solution has been keeping her up to feet everyday in the Enterprise Role in IWG.

She loves speaking to corporates about the Hybrid solution they have implemented in their business & how Covid & Flex has changed the dynamics of the way employees work.

In 2009 her largest deal was 12 desks for revenue of £144K & in 2022 it was 143 desks worth £3M. This shows the knowledge she has gained from her experience in the past 14 years with the rise of flex industry.

Reading about AI & crypto is what Pooja is doing to keep up with the Gen Z.

My Sustainability Goals for 2023:

Besides trying to go paperless, using sustainable transport and be mindful of saving energy at work and at home wherever possible Poojas main sustainability goal is educating atleast 15 large corporates to realise the impact they will have on the environment by opting a hybrid workplace solution so that they don’t need to occupy a large traditional space of where only 50% or even less% of their workforce come to office every other day.