Richard Ford

Richard Ford

Vision Zero Connect (Hong Kong) Limited


Rich Ford has an outstanding reputation for agile and innovative thinking, leading development teams across markets and sectors within the UK and Europe. Known for delivering complex yet rewarding solutions, Richard has outstanding commercial and technical experience in Sustainability, Sustainable energy and utility infrastructure.

In 2019, driven by a passion for sustainability and innovation, Rich founded Vision Zero Consult. Starting with its sustainable offices in rural England as a shining example, the company quickly expanded its influence. Vision Zero Consult began its journey by providing Sustainability and Sustainable Energy consultancy services to a range of prestigious clients globally.

Rich’s commitment to addressing the evolving demands of the market led to the creation of Vision Zero Connect. This initiative provides an innovative solution for managing ESG futures, recognising the complexities and global scope of ESG requirements. Vision Zero Connect developed ESG Navigate, a bespoke software solution that sets a unique benchmark for ESG management and reporting.

Both Vision Zero Consult and Vision Zero Connect have established growing reputations in their respective market sectors. With offices in Nottingham, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney, these companies embody Rich’s vision for a sustainable and innovative future. His journey reflects a deep dedication to creating impactful solutions that address the critical challenges of sustainability and energy management in today’s world

My Sustainability Goals for 2024:

Goals are to: Lead clients on successful Net Zero pathways across various markets and sectors, focusing on reduced carbon travel and integrating better practices that encourage reduced carbon travel strategies. Continue to champion the integration of new agile technologies that transform standard approaches, delivering better performance and enhanced sustainability credentials in Hong Kong. Bring experiences from market and sector projects in the UK and Europe to the Hong Kong market. Also, change the approach and thinking towards ESG reporting, utilising performance data proactively to support decarbonisation efforts.