Sponsors & Showcase

Enhance your presence at ReThink 2021 by positioning your business in front of change-makers and business leaders as a potential partner, supplier or solutions provider that can help organisations in Hong Kong achieve their carbon reduction, engagement, strategic or specific sustainability goals.

Ensure you maintain a competitive edge and make the most of sponsorship opportunities which will enable you to:

  • Increase brand awareness - not just at the event but across the six-month ecosystem-wide campaign
  • Position yourself as a thought leader and share your best practice expertise
  • Launch innovations, showcase products, services and solutions to a qualified audience of corporate, specifiers, buyers and investors
  • Generate new business enquiries and establish collaborative partnerships

ReThink 2020 Snapshot

  • 1097 applications to attend
  • 427 unique in person attendees (reduced due to social distancing)
  • 361 additional online attendees

Environmental Impact

    788 trees planted by EcoMatcher in the Philippines to create a ReThink forest which will result in 12,554 Kg of CO2 carbon sequestration in an attempt to make the event carbon positive

Social Impact

    HK$120,000 beneficiary fund made up from delegate fees, donated to deliver over 8,000 meals to Hong Kong’s most in need communities via FeedingHK

    Supply 500 people in Hong Kong, for two months with free, high quality liquid soaps via SoapCycling

Attendee Feedback

  • 268 attendees made a personal pledge to start a new change conversation within their organisation
  • 88%* of attendees surveyed onsite rated the event as very good or excellent
  • 94%* of attendees surveyed onsite said they would probably or definitely attend ReThink 2021 as an in-person event
  • 73%* of attendees surveyed onsite said they would encourage additional colleagues to attend ReThink 2021

*94 surveys completed as at 12:45 (HKT) on 30.10

ReThink has an extensive range of engagement tools that can be combined to help achieve clients’ aims and objectives, and tailored to match most budgets.

Whatever your goals, our experienced team will be able to design a cost-effective package of exposure and activities to help your business or organisation become an impactful stakeholder in the mission of driving sustainable development across Hong Kong’s ecosystem.

ReThink 2020 attracted over 750 unique attendees – request the 2020 attendee list.

ReThink 2021 is being designed to host 2,000 professional attendees. Each delegate application will be reviewed to ensure all delegates are true agents of change, empowered and authorised to drive transformation, invest in new solutions and forge new relationships.

How can ReThink 2021 help?

  • Drive revenues through transparent ROI
  • Enhance ecosystem relationships
  • Extract audience insight
  • Increase market share over absent rivals
  • Direct access to ideal customer profile (ICP) data
  • Direct face time with multiple prospects
  • Lead generation
  • Stay engaged with existing customers
  • Boost social media/website traffic from a focused content strategy
  • Increased credibility as a brand that supports sustainability
  • Showcase new product or service offering
  • Instigate post-event qualified interactions
  • Brand building
  • Develop in-house knowledge and resources