Sustainability is one of the core values that Bonne upholds. Our production of juices and purees is minimising food wastage such as less loss of ingredients and water usage. Some products packaged in a recyclable tetra pack made of renewable materials. Compared to a traditional plastic bottle, our packaging contains only 10% plastic, which is easy to dispose of and recycle. Bonne supports the protection of the Saimaa ringed seals, which is an endangered species and symbolizes the peacefulness of Finnish nature and the purity of our water, and a part of the proceeds from the sale of water will go to Saimaa Norppaklubi to finance their valuable activities for the protection of Saimaa ringed seal. Bonne is trying its best to strive for a sustainable business environment for expressing gratefulness to the treasurable resources from the beauty of nature.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

  1. Minimizing food wastage
  2. Less plastic on packaging materials
  3. Sustainable energy on the production

Solutions Showcase:

  • Food & Food Supply
  • Sustainable Products

Legal Name: Great (HK) Investment Co., Ltd

Contact Number: (852) 2554-0194