CN Logistics International Holdings Limited

CNL Group is a well-established international logistics solutions provider. Specialised in high-end fashion and wine sectors while ranking no. 1 in distribution and logistics in both Hong Kong and China. Accredited by InnoESG Prize 2021, ISO 14001, and ISO 14064, CNL is actively engaged in promoting sustainability in the logistics industry. Pioneer in green supply chain, CNL introduced the one-stop green logistics solution, CNL Green Solutions, co-creating solutions with client’s brands to reduce the impact in every step of the supply chain management on the environment.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Advocate our one-stop green logistics solutions – CNL Green Solutions

2. Drive sustainable supply chain and waste reduction at source

3. Facilitate Green solutions by building trusted recycling partners to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recreate preloved items and recyclable materials

4. Offer comprehensive carbon consultation, statistical assessment, carbon neutralisation by contributing to renewable energy projects

5. Promote the adoption of electric deliveries by investing in clean transportation

Solutions Showcase:

  • Carbon Management
  • Circular Economy Solutions
  • Sustainability Services

Legal Name: CN Logistics Limited