Creativo Design & Contracting Co., Ltd

Creativo is a team of specialists, skilled in artistic decoration finishes which includes utilising special paint, plastering, colour washing and leafing art, to fulfill any aesthetic needs in an eco-friendly way. As the sole distributor of Stucco Italiano, the famous Italian brand, in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China, Creativo supplies solutions to customer’s differing needs by providing a wide variety of decorative plasters and paints.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. To provide customers with ecological materials of high decorative quality to create a sustainable green city for a better future

2. To be rigorous in choosing ecological materials as to lessen damage caused on Earth

3. To spread the important principle of sustainable development in green building and construction

Solutions Showcase:

  • Construction
  • Sustainable Products

Legal Name: Creativo Design & Contracting Co., Ltd.