2023 Brochure released!

Full Comfort Technology (Group) Ltd.

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The basic idea behind GRANDER® Water Revitalisation is to strengthen the self-cleansing effect and resistance of water by improving its structure.

The household installation of GRANDER® has provided a new well-being dimension. “Refined water taste, pleasant feeling for the skin, stronger cleaning power and fewer technical problems” are among the main benefits of GRANDER®.

The industrial application of GRANDER® not only provides technical and economic benefits, but also environmental protection–to reduce the strain placed on water resources and to curtail pollution. While the industry benefits from the utilisation of GRANDER®, consumers would also benefit from the environmental-friendly measures taken by the industrial sectors.

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Encourage more companies to apply Grander Water Revitalisation in their industrial processes.
  • Eliminate plastic bottles in hotels in Asia through self-bottling facility and guest room applications.

Solutions Showcase:

  • Brand Owner
  • Green/Smart Buildings/PropTech
  • Technology & Innovation

Legal Name: Full Comfort Technology (Group) Ltd.

General Enquiry Email Address: enquiry@grandertechnology.com

General Enquiry Phone Number: 23142608