LUÜNA naturals

LUÜNA is a purpose-driven period care company built in Asia by a 100% female leadership team. Our mission is to make periods better through conscious products & programs that tackle menstrual stigma. Our line of award-winning period care uses organic & skin-loving materials which are healthier for our bodies and preferred by mother nature too. Beyond this, our initiatives shift policy around menstrual health to promote gender equality for all.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Increase education around and adoption of reusable period care products to vastly reduce plastic period waste.

2. Launch subscription service which offers the user a carbon free period by working with partners to offset carbon emissions from the service.

3. Support corporates, schools and brands currently supplying plastic-heavy period care to switch to our eco-friendly organic cotton options.

Solutions Showcase:

  • Education / Training / Certification
  • Strategic / Corporate Consultancy
  • Sustainable Products

Legal Name: Luuna Naturals Limited