M Concept Studio Limited

M Concept Studio Ltd. is a ‘Green Technology’ incutech company in HKSTPC now carrying out R&D on an innovative low energy and wellness environmental control solution (ECS) – “Flatcool Technology” for indoor and outdoor venues. We have successfully completed some key pilot projects with recorded energy saving around 50% while achieving excellent indoor environmental qualities.

Our sustainability goals for 2023:

  1. Substantial reduction of E&M ceiling void space compared with conventional air-conditioning design.
  2. Less maintenance requirements compared with conventional air-conditioning system.
  3. Up to 50% energy saving (comparing with the same floors area using conventional AC system such as VAV or fan coil systems).

Legal Name: M Concept Studio Limited

General Enquiry Email Address: admin@mconstudio.com

General Enquiry Phone Number: 21173965

General Business Address: Unit 1013, Bldg 19W, 19 Science Park West Avenue, Pak Shek Kok, Hong Kong, Hong Kong