ORCA is founded with a vision where garbage trucks don’t exist, and sustainability works in harmony with cost efficiency. The ORCA hyperlocal food waste digester technology treats food waste at the point waste is produced. It turns food waste into environmental-safe wastewater that flows into municipal sewage systems.

Environmental studies showed that aerobic digestion is 65x better than landfill and 25x better than anaerobic digestion. In the emission of human toxics, aerobic digestion is 35x better than in-vessel composting and 10x better than windrow composting. Clear operational cost-saving benefits have been obtained by the hospitality sector in Asia after switching to ORCA systems. Investment in windrow composting is 5x more than ORCA and 14x more in the case of anaerobic digesting.

Since landing in Asia, ORCA has been adopted by premium hospitality brands, F&B operators and malls in China mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Taipei, and the Philippines.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. Reduce the amount of food being wasted.

2. Reduce the garbage truck trips needed to transport food waste and carbon emissions.

3. Reduce the impact that food waste has on the environment from landfill and reduce the plastic bags consumed in storing and hauling food waste.

4. Liberate water from food waste.

5. Extract the energy potential of organics through wastewater treatment plants infrastructures to transform the facility’s food waste to energy.

Solutions Showcase:

  • GreenTech
  • Sustainability Services
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling Management

Legal Name: ORCA