Do you know we ingest a credit card worth of plastics every week through the food we eat and the water we drink? Plastic pollution is everywhere and our overconsumption of packaging makes up a large chunk of this. This is a problem Shellify aims to tackle.

Shellify curates planet-friendly packaging solutions for small businesses in Asia. Inspired by shells from the nature, Shellify aims to support businesses to adopt eco-friendly packaging that protects your goodies today and would vanish into the nature tomorrow.

With a trusted network of manufacturers, Shellify offers biodegradable garment bags, recycled mailers, FSC certified boxes, compostable beauty cream jars and much more. Global certification options are available so you can have the peace of mind and focus on scaling your business. As low as 100 as minimum order quantity, even small businesses can be a part of this movement together.

We know running a small business is hard, and even harder when it comes to making it sustainable and ethical. With her decade long experience at an e-commerce tech giant and environmental engineering background, Diane the founder offers holistic, unbiased advice on your sustainability journey so your can meet your goals.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

Follow circular economy principles in product design and operations. Advocate and be an example of responsible consumption in Hong Kong. Partner with women and women-led businesses. We are a small business and our founder committing to carbon neutral living.

Solutions Showcase:

  • Print & Packaging Solutions
  • Sourcing & Supply Chain
  • Sustainability Services

Legal Name: Here Me Now Limited