Shrett Limited

SHRETT is the world’s first plastic shredder for use in households and businesses hotels, F&B, office pantries etc). It solves 3 problems:

1. Storage: consumers store 85% air since empty plastic objects contain mainly air.
2. Transport: transport becomes much more efficient if the plastic is shredded
3. We recycle or upcycle (beanbags) 100%( current rate in Hong Kong is 13%).

Our sustainability goals for 2022:

  • Help businesses lower heir carbon footprint by recycling their plastic 100%
  • Increase recycling rate in Hong Kong
  • Divert plastic from our landfills by recycling or upcycling it 100%

Solutions Showcase:

  • Circular Solutions
  • Sustainability Services
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Waste Reduction & Recycling Management

UN SDG goals that we align with:

  • SDG 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Legal Name: Shrett Limited

General Enquiry Email Address:

General Enquiry Phone Number: 64656111