2023 Brochure released!

Smart Energy Connect

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Smart Energy Connect (SEC) offers a digital solutions platform for businesses and organisations to access a diverse selection of energy management applications including energy analytics and forecasting, fault diagnostics, lighting and ambience control. SEC provides a gateway for customers to find a comprehensive range of the latest energy innovations developed by CLP group and our partners, for a smarter, greener and more sustainable future powered by digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Our sustainability goals for 2021:

1. All projects to include Carbon emission calculation and reporting

2. 250t of CO2 saved for project sites

3. Encourage more enterprises to invest Carbon Credits

4. Develop “Friend of CLP Circle” to promote low carbon use cases and deliver low carbon events

5. Productise IPMVP reporting

Solutions Showcase:

  • Carbon Management
  • Efficient Energy & Utilities
  • Green / Smart Buildings

Legal Name: CLP Holdings Limited